The poem 52 Orcas was inspired by 52Orcas.com, a site which highlights the profile of each one of the 52 orcas that were held in captivity worldwide at the end of 2013. Enjoy the poem and help share it with the world to hopefully make this the last generation for orcas in captivity.





How the project came about

Andrea Louro, a Spanish "Free Willy child" that enjoys music, poetry and rhyme found the site 52orcas.com back in July of 2014 and immediately volunteered to translate the project to Spanish so it could potentially reach a wider audience. It wasn't until Christmas vacation that upon thinking about this site, she came up with a short poem that could accompany it. Some time later, she remembered a motion graphic she had seen on orcas in captivity made by myself, that had really caught her attention. She then contacted me, to suggest I illustrate the poem. I of course agreed to do it in a heartbeat and together, the poem 52 Orcas was born.


I have always had a strong passion for wildlife conservation and the health and care of animals. I have a flair for illustration, filmmaking, graphic design and animation and has dedicated my future to become an animal advocate through my creative skills. In the future, I'm looking to get involved with both field and production work by documenting, creating and promoting awareness and education for others regarding animal welfare and conservation. You can see more of my work here or check out my portfolio

Andrea, like many of the 80's kids living in the US, was deeply touched as a child by the movie Free Willy and has always had a deep love for animals in general and orcas in particular. Now as an adult, she would like to use her passion in music, singing and poetry to help out the whales and spread a message of compassion throughout all animals. You can follow Andrea here