Paddington’s Postcards | UNICEF

Unicef has a great collaboration with the Paddington brand, in which they have made a product for children to travel the world with Paddington and learn about cultures and children’s lives. So they wanted us to make an ad for them that would inspire children and parents to become part of the Paddington journey.

We created a concept that was based on Paddington travelling through a map and interacting with all the fun items you get with the pack. The feeling of this creative is playful and childish. We move through animated elements like planes, wildlife and nature on the map in stop motion – and Paddington is with us all the way!

This creative consistently outperformed its competitors, and it gave Unicef useful insight.




art director, animator, illustratior, editor


Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop


Animation, Concept & Art Direction, Editing