Top Dog

I was briefed to create a new digital lead generation campaign for RSPCA NSW – Top Dog. A voting based competition that features the stories of three brave rescue dogs allowing them to win a years worth of food and treats.

This is to remind people of the importance of the work of RSPCA, and that they need support – but in a fun way. The campaign was aimed at RSPCA NSW current Facebook and Instagram followers, hoping to reach out to dog lovers.

Creative direction
Usually when there’s awards shows or competitions there will always be a host, so I wanted to create one for this campaign as well that could carry out the storyline and present the rescue dogs. I made the personality of the presenter dog very silly to set the pacing and feel of the films. All images of the presenter dog are stock photos which I have composed and edited in photoshop and then animated in After Effects.




Concept, Editing, Animation, Motion Graphics, Sound


Photoshop & After Effects


Animation, Concept & Visual Design, Digital Film, Editing