Director & Filmmaker

Nanna has a natural-born instinct for storytelling. Her quirky, warm-hearted narratives bring a humorous perspective to intimate moments from everyday life. Her stories make you feel seen and heard. The simplicity of growing up on an idyllic farm in Denmark, left room for her imagination to wander and sparked constant curiosity. With a playful, crafty nature, and heart-open attitude, her work encapsulates what makes people tick and what creates energy around conversations.

As a filmmaker with a creative swiss-army knife skillset, she expresses visual magic in many different formats and disciplines. People in her life have always told her, that her intuitive charisma ables her to connect with anyone, so she has devoted her career to doing exactly that.

Her portfolio includes commercials, documentaries, and short films, but regardless of format, telling the right story, in the right way is what she’s here for.

I’m Danish, lived in London for 10 years and have now settled down in Stockholm.

Regardless of format, telling the right story, in the right way is what I’m here for.

What I can do for you

concept development + ideation

treatment + presentation deck

mood film

script writing/copy

compositing + graphics in Photoshop

compositing + animation in After Effects

visual treatment, look and feel


edit + mood film

VFX + compositing



sound design

title design + graphics

featured projects

being a hybrid creative, I work within all aspects of filmmaking and is therefore a very hands on director and editor. This best comes to light my recent one woman projects, ‘Piece of You‘ which is a short film I made during isolation and ‘Polar Night‘, a nordic noir title sequence I made, winning runner up in the worldwide editing competition Editfest.

motion design

text + titles

compositing + environments

graphics, objects, products, mockups, elements, logos, illustrations


greenscreen + keying

composite + environment builds

brand identity

graphic design

social posts + stories

what makes me unique?

✨I make ideas and concepts come alive
As a creative shapeshifter, I’m skilled with a hands-on approach to concepting, being able to create visual magic that turn into mesmerising storyboards, treatments and pitch-winning decks, which I present to clients worldwide in a passionate manner. As a lead creative I have also directed several shoots, making sure the creative vision, look and feel is on point. With a background in editing, animation and VFX I have both the technical and creative understanding of how a project comes to life, which benefits me well when collaborating with other departments.

watch some my one woman films

‘A Piece of You’ – a short made in isolation, using a mix of stock footage, a green yoga mat (as greenscreen), and some clementines from my kitchen.

‘Polar Night’ – a title sequence made entirely out of stock, with some added VFX and a grade.

Hello Canada‘ – an aesthetic travel film showing the little moments from our trip to Canada

True Cat Lover‘ – an animated, funky, super internet-y promo for Cats Protection.

‘Daisy Letters’ – a promo filmed and created for Leanna, who writes encouraging letters to kids in hospitals.

‘Zoochosis’ – a short documentary about animals in captivity

✨I’m an After Effects whizz
I work in After Effects on a daily basis and can use it to its fullest. Whether it’s concepting ideas, animation, titles, tracked elements, an environment/scene built from scratch or keying – I got you!

click here to see some of my VFX breakdowns, animation builds and composites.

✨I’m crafty to the core
Having spent many years specialising in charity clients, I’m skilled in coming up with original and engaging ideas that works with low budgets and making something special out the restricted resources available.

see examples here

Waiting, Wood Green – this was a concept made entirely out of stock to prevent budgeting for a shoot, for one of their digital suites.

Letter for you, Cats Protection  – using all stock and mockups to feature their membership product.

Top Dog, RSPCA – they wanted to make an online competition, but only had images of the dogs. So I animated the rest!

work & experience

I have 6+ years experience working across a large variety of projects including TV commercials, digital/social films, animation, short films, documentaries and pretty much everything in between. I’ve worked as a freelancer, in-house, and in an agency environment.

Freelance, Stockholm 2021
Art Director @ DTV Group, London 2018
Creative @ DTV Group, London 2015
Designer & Video Editor @ KnitbyTrineP, Freelance, Denmark, 2015 – current
Content Creative @ Frontier Environmental Exploration, London 2014
Motion Designer @ Kingston University, Internship, London 2014
Videographer @ ABWAK, Freelance, London 2014
Creative @ The Tab, Internship, London 2013
Video Editor & Motion Designer @ Frontier Environmental Exploration, London 2013

Polar NightEditFest, Runner up, Title Sequence, 2019
Curator’s Cut Video Choice Award, Phinfest, 2015
Media & Cultural Studies Award, 2014
Ben Dugdale Memorial Prize, 2014

Kingston University, Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honours, London, 2014


Premiere Pro

After Effects








Da Vinci Resolve


Having predominately worked with charity clients, my experience comes with an expertise in crafting stories that trigger engagement, builds solutions and plays on people’s heartstrings while also actively connecting them to causes, always on a mission to create change.

Ebay, Vidsy, World of Warcraft, Pedigree, WWF, Greenpeace, UNHCR, RSPCA, Save the Children, World Animal Protection, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, WaterAid, Wood Green, Cats Protection, Women for Women, Daisy Letters, Knit by Trine P, Volunteering Journeys, Chappie, Fauna & Flora, Four Paws, Unicef