Bedtime Heroes | Unicef

Bedtime can be a struggle at times. Why would a child choose to go to sleep when there are so many other exciting things to do? Enter Unicef’s Bedtime Hero’s subscription! With the PJ masks, your child will look forward to bedtime.

This ad is aimed at parents in their 30s-40s who are well educated and are financially secure. They want a relaxing and structured bedtime with their own children. But also have an interest in creating a happier, healthier and safer world for every child.

By pacing this creative from fast to slow, we visualise the bedtime energy every parent wishes for. The PJ Masks characters help make this a reality, connecting your child to a relaxing and fun bedtime. By focusing the environmental aesthetic to fit the PJ masks world we make bedtime look exciting, and although the PJ Masks make an appearance, the child is the hero of their own bedtime, immersing themselves with the fun products – a fun interactive way to introduce children to charity and giving.

I visualised the script through a storyboard and a creative treatment, directed the shoot and brought everything to life through editing and VFX.

Checkout the VFX breakdown on one of the shots here.



Art Director, Director, Editor, VFX Artist


After Effects, AVID, Photoshop


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