COVID | World Animal Protection

We were asked to create an ad that would generate long term regular givers for World Animal Protection. World Animal Protection has always opposed the exploitation of wild animals through the wildlife trade, because they suffer in horrendous conditions. But with the CoVid-19 pandemic believed to have originated at wildlife markets, it’s become clear that wildlife trading also exposes the human population to diseases and puts us all at risk.

We therefore wanted to focus this creative on how a pangolin being captured can lead to a worldwide pandemic. Danish audiences have responded well to a more campaigning tone as the market is fairly well educated when it comes to animal welfare issues. So we wanted to use that opportunity to show hard hitting scenes. To bring the urgency closer to home we start by following what happens to a pangolin when captured for IWT, and then we move that into food markets, other species and then into you, the audience. By connecting us with the animals, we aim to put pressure in the illegal industry and give people a visual understanding what happens to these poor animals, even-though it can be hard to watch.

Watch the VFX breakdown here.


Art director, VFX and editor.


Adobe After Effects & AVID