Lilledu Ministrik | Knit by Trine P

I was asked to created a social media promo for knitting designer ‘Knit by Trine P’ to show off the designs in her new book ‘Lille du Ministrik’. I tagged along to the photoshoot for the designs and captured little moments from the adorable kids playing around and modelling the clothing.

I wanted to create a film that was in tone with the minimalistic, scandinavian brand, but with a retro feel to combine the cuteness of kids being dressed up nicely, and the interior of the room they are playing in. The edit is made up of small flashes of ‘memories’ of children looking their best and being happy, like when you reminisce about a wedding party. The knitwear is featured in close ups, to make the intimate details on clothes stand out.

Buy the book here.


Cinematographer, director, editor and grade


Premiere Pro


Social Media