No Place Like Home │ WWF

Once elephants roamed across the whole of Africa, but now they have less room to roam than ever before. The elephant’s range has shrunk by over 50% since 1979. Elephants are losing their home as their land due to expanding human settlements, agricultural development & construction of infrastructure. This forces elephants into small patches of disconnected land which is a major threat to elephant’s survival. The smaller space to roam means people and elephants are increasingly coming into contact and conflict.

We needed to create a TV ad shedding light on the elephant and human conflict in Africa to recruit new elephant adopters for WWF UK that was in tone with their yearly objective. In this creative we wanted to focus on the relationship between humans and elephants and build a strong connection between the two where tragedy and conflict are put aside and instead focused on the respect the African communities have towards this gentle giant. Sometimes the quiet moments in conflict, where two sides acknowledge each other are the most humble, so that was the feeling we were playing on. We injected WWF in the field to be the solution to both sides of the conflict.




Art Director, Editor


Social Media, VFX