Powered by V

In this project, I worked as a creative mentor throughout the whole production helping the creators make their vision come alive. I had ongoing one to one production meetings with the creators where I guided them through smooth planning. I helped them create storyboards and provided them with a production deck with helpful assets such as how to do budgets, casting, and how to best prepare their shoot. I also helped them with their post production such as editing, grading and sound design.

As part of the 2022 election campaign, Vänsterpartiet wanted to reach out to people living in politically disadvantaged areas but were lacking the cultural competence, access, and knowledge required to create trust and commitment. In this target group, trust in politicians is low, and voter turnout reflects that.

People don’t trust politicians, but they do trust their friends.

Why would a person from the suburbs rather stand on a stage and read a poem, than go and vote? Because he feels that there is more hope for the future in a poem than in voting for a political party. The creativity of the target group is one of the most innovative in the country. So we wanted to show that politics is also their stage. Powered by V is a campaign concept based on the target group’s sense of pride and need to be listened to. By giving creators from the target group the budget, support and space to create short films for social media, we allow them to show their creativity, tell their story and share their political analysis. In doing so, Powered by V democratises the debate by empowering those most talked about, but rarely included, to tell their own story.







Director, Editor, Mentor to creators, production lead, grade, sound design


Advertising, Film, Social Media, VFX