Sisterhood | Women for Women

A promo to help connect Women for Women’s UK audience with women in need in other parts of the world, featuring celebrities such as W4W’s ambassadors Helen Mirren and Elizabeth Debicki.

I was briefed to create a film to help inspire action through a campaign based on ‘Sisterhood’. The film should encourage donations/sponsorships, information requests, website visits and encapsulate the essence and value of Women for Women International’s work.

I did this by creating a motivational, upbeat and dynamic film that grabs the essence of ‘Sisterhood’, with a positive rallying message. Through an upbeat cut, we see women talk through an empowering a script a one, while we also cut to women in the field such as Sophie Turner and the women we are looking to support.


Concept, writer, editor and graphics


Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects


Social Media