True Cat Lover | Cats Protection

I was given free reins to create a new social media film for Cats Protection to recruit more donors.

The internet is full of cats and it’s is no question that cat videos rule the internet. They do – and people are proud of loving both their own and other people’s cats when they are online. From looking at the comments on some of Cats Protections facebook posts, I noticed that it sometimes seemed like a competition between supporters and followers of who actually loves cats the most. So I thought it would be interesting and funny to create a film in the style of a quiz, where you can find out if you are really the biggest cat lover on the internet. The graphics, imagery and animations are all bold, colourful and very much on the silly side, to fit in with the crazy-cat-internet vibe. People should be praised for supporting cats as much as they do, so if they answer yes to the silly questions in the quiz, they are crowned and honoured.

Watch the VFX breakdown here.


concept, art director, animation, editor and graphics


Photoshop and After Effects


Animation, Social Media, VFX