I Miss Her | UNHCR

This is a bespoke digital film to tell the story of lone refugee children to recruit new regular giving donors through UNHCR’s social media.

When going through the interviews from refugee children, this one really stood out to me. Sara is a tough young girl, who after loosing her mom has been left to care for her little sister, living at a refugee camp. Sara seemed like she had really lost hope, and the only light in her life at the moment was the memory of her mom. So I created a concept around how the scene of her mom being killed, keeps playing in her head, but seeing her in her mind, is the only light she has light she has right now. Her reaction to this shows how vulnerable refugee children are when they feel like they don’t have anyone left to care for them. And then asks the donor to help.




concept, art direction, editor, graphics and grade.


After Effects


Social Media, VFX